It can be challenging for novice athletes to decide on a training and nutrition program. That is why our team has a professional coach who can select a set of exercises, sleeping schedule, and diet, depending on your needs and goals. We take into account your state of health, previous sports experience, and injuries (if there are any).

However, even if you are already an experienced athlete, specialist advice is never superfluous. Maybe you would like to change your meal plan or exercise program? Or perhaps you stopped losing weight, and it stands still, no matter what you do? Or maybe you just want to try something new? Our coach will give you a consultation, help you identify the problem and solve it.

If you want to find the very app that will fully meet your goals and wishes, you can also discuss it with the coach. After all, the fitness industry does not stand still, and every year dozens of health applications appear. So it is often easy to get lost in the flow of information and miss the right program. Our specialist will help you find a utility that will suit you in terms of design, usability, security, set of functions, and capabilities.

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