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Sezzy Timer review

The Sezzy Timer app not only shows you visually on the screen where you're up to in your workout, but it also provides auditory cues, through your headphones or phone to tell you whats coming up next. In your longer intervals and workouts, it will also give you half way cues and countdown until you get a rest!
Timer Selections:
1. Sweaty Shredder
2. Toning Power
3. Circuit
4. 10 minute Blaster
6. Custom Timer
All Timers Include:
- Visual cues including rest, sets, circuit, exercises, supersets or rounds (depending what kind of workout youre doing)
- Auditory cues allowing you to step away from your phone and complete the workout purely through listening. Sezzy Timer specifies what round, exercise, set or rest period youre up to. It will also help count you down until your next movement
- Works in the background of your phone allowing you to listen to music and smash through your workout, while hearing cues from the timer app
- Custom option to create your own personalised workout
- Pause, and play option
- Display of what is coming up next in your workout to better prepare your body.

The Sezzy Timer app is simple, quick and easy to use and requires little to no preparation. Setting up timers and organising rounds, exercises and sets can often be confusing and tricky, so Im here to take the stress out of your workout. Follow my cues and youre on your way to a successful, sweaty, soul fulfilling workout!

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